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Healing with Crystals

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Our Earth's Magic is all about reconnecting you back to Earth with the energy of crystals and taking self care with our energised handmade crystal infused products. Discover the benefits of healing with crystals and essential oils.

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Raise Your Vibration

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Dilara is so delightful......she has such a sweet nature , I love supporting her Business, the crystals I have bought from her and ive bought 3 now are gorgeous, i will be buying more and her service is prompt, she does do her very best to get them to you asap, I will continue to buy more and more crystals, they are very well priced

Austra Mccormick

I absolutely love these melts they are the best of the best there is nothing you can compare them to!!! I brought my first lot of melts awhile ago and once I had them burning in the lounge the beautiful sent wafted through the whole house and we could even smell it outside of the house !!
If you haven't tried them yet well your just missing out on the most special thing as everything is made with love by the beautiful ladies who make them
Thankyou ���

Michelle Morrison

Absolutely a delight to deal with. The bath bomb is amazing!!! I have tried quite a few of them and I am blown away by the great quality of the product. The melt you placed in my parcel smells amazing without being overpowering.� Will definitely order more. The crystal is stunning and arrived safely. Thank you so much ��

Karine Kitty Barclay

Absolutely love my chakra soaps!! So amazing and can not wait to use them all!! They all smell amazing � thank you, thank you and thank you !!!!

Emily Slee

We absolutely love the bath bombs, they smell divine and my daughter's are obsessed with them!!

Lauren James

Such a beautiful bath bomb coming from an avid bath lover. My skin felt amazing and was shimmering all over, definitely going to use one next time before I go out somewhere! Smelt amazing and I love the idea of the crystal inside.

Sarah Louise

Got my order today and it is fantastic! Really good quality and great variety! Customer service is fantastic!

Lauren Talbot