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Lapis Lazuli Tumblestones
Lapis Lazuli Tumblestones

Lapis Lazuli Tumblestones

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Lapis Lazuli is said to create and maintain a connection between the physical and celestial planes, creating a strong spiritual connection. This may be related to its property of assisting in with guardians spirits. It is a manifestation stone as well as an excellent meditation stone. Meditating on a goal or quality you wish to manifest can bring this strong manifestation energy.

Lapis Lazuli is a protection stone and can protect and alert you of psychic attacks as well as sending the energy back to it source. It is a stone of communication that can be truthfulness, openness and mental clarity. It is used to help you say the right thing as if by magic. Mentally, Lapiz Lazuli has helpful energy.

It can bring mental and emotional virility and strengthen the mind. It is also said to enhance creativity. Its energy can help organise daily life as well as organising and quieting a busy or restless mind, lessening confusion and increasing concentration. This stone teaches the value of active listening and helps you confront truth, wherever you find it and accept its teachings. It is also a great aid in taking charge of life.

Approx Size: 1-2cm