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Tree Agate Tumblestones

Tree Agate Tumblestones

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Tumblestones are intuitively chosen for the person purchasing.

In addition to carrying the generic properties of Agate, Tree Agate is said to assist with introspection and self-discovery. It can give a wider viewpoint of the world and is also a stabilizing stone that instills a feeling of safety and security in the most challenging situations. Tree Agate makes a powerful connection to the nurturing energy of nature, restoring vitality, and should be worn for long periods.

A useful Earth healer, it is excellent stone for plants and trees and can be gridded around a growing area. Tree Agate offers protection against negativity and imparting strength, it helps you face unpleasant circumstances with equanimity, and overcome them, finding the gift within them. Tree Agate is said in crystal healing and folklore to relive tension, fever and skin eruptions. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Measurements: 1-2cm