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Welcome to Our Earth’s Magic!

My name is Dilara the creator of Our Earth’s Magic. I started this amazing adventure in 2016, I have been using crystals and essential oils for about 4 years and I am so passionate about them. I love using them everyday and I love how they support me in everyday life.

Our Earth’s Magic was created because of my love for crystals and the amazing benefits of using essential oils. I am all about bringing you back down to earth, taking self care and enticing all of your senses with beautiful scents and gorgeous crystals.

I want to help you discover the magic that this Earth has provided us and how they can be used as a supportive tool to help make your life easier. Our products are Vegan friendly and Animal cruelty free, we also try to use minimal packaging and encourage you to reuse or recycle all shipping materials.

I want to help you nourish your mind, Body and spirit.

Sending you Good Vibes

Dilara xo