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Chakra Crystal Bath Bomb Set
Chakra Crystal Bath Bomb Set

Chakra Crystal Bath Bomb Set

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Our beautiful vegan chakra crystal bath bomb set are handmade and vegan. These babies are great for helping to boost and align any chakra you would like to work on. Each are filled with beautiful essential oils and crystals that relate to the chakras. They are relaxing and filled with positivity and divine energies. Pamper your self and soak into a colourful bath of essential oils and crystal energy. 🌈

☁️Crown of clarity (crown-white)- frankincense essential oil and clear Quartz tumblestone.

🍇Gypsy Soul (third eye-purple)- clary sage essential oil and gardenia fragrance oil and a amethyst tumble stone inside.

💧Truth (throat-blue)- Spearmint and lavender essential oils and a sodalite tumble stone inside.

💚Heartspace (heart-green)- Peppermint and geranium essential oil and a green aventurine tumble stone inside.

🌻Lift Yourself Up (solar plexus-yellow)- Ginger and Bergamot essential oils and a citrine tumble stone inside.

🍊Creative Passion (sacral-orange)- Orange and Tangerine essential oils and a carnelian tumble stone inside.

❤️Divine Earth (base-red)- Cedarwood and Cinnamon Leaf essentials oils and a red jasper tumble stone inside.

INGREDIENTS: Bicarbonate Soda, Citric Acid, Kaolin Clay, 100% Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Polysorbate 80, Mica, Water soluble Dye, Tumblestone and water.
*If pregnant please consult with your doctor before using essential oils*
You may still use Creative Passion.